Terms and Conditions

Important note:

These conditions of carriage exclude liability on the part of the Alam Alkon and its employees or agents for losses, damages and delays in certain circumstances; Limitation of liability on the amounts declared as the commitment is accepted and the claims notified within a strict time. Senders should note these terms carefully and, when necessary, obtain insurance coverage to protect their interests.

1. Application

1.1 These conditions apply to the carriage of cargoes from and between the Alam Alkon specified locations within specified countries, using services or service options of the cosmos Alam Alkon (if any and where available). These services may be modified by Alam Alkon Express from time to time. Upon request, customers can view the regions served by Cosmos Alam Alkon Express. 1.3 In the event of a conflict between these terms and the terms and conditions of any Cosmos Express bill of lading, manifest, shipping card, or other transit documents, our terms of carriage shall govern to the extent that they do not conflict with mandatory rules regarding the international liability of a train carriage; Or, shipments transported from and between specified locations within one country, with the mandatory rules on responsibility for carriage stipulated in the laws of that country. 1.4 These terms (which include the term those agreements and agreements expressly referred to in this agreement) represent the entire agreement between the parties and, in accordance with Article 1.3, prevail, exclude, and supersede any other terms or conditions, verbal or written, wherever they appear or are concluded and in particular, i.e. Terms and conditions he sought to incorporate by the sender or any other written and oral statements related to these conditions. The sender confirms that it does not endorse or demand any other conditions, guarantees, conditions, or representations related to the use of the services under this agreement. 1.7 The Arabic language version of these Terms of Carriage supersedes all other versions.


Those rates applied shall be in effect at the time of the carriage contract.


4.6 If any, duties and taxes may be assessed on the contents of the shipments. 4.7 Notwithstanding any instructions or provisions regarding payment, the sender remains always responsible for the fees including any fees and taxes, if any, 4.8 For currency conversion, an Alam Alkon may apply a conversion fee. Please read our terms of carriage. weight and dimensional adjustments.

5.1 If the specified service or weight entered is incorrect. Alam Alkon  Express may make appropriate corrections to the air way bill and make appropriate adjustments at any time and will have the right to impose special fees on handling the need to make such corrections and adjustments. 5.3 Drawings can be evaluated based on the weight of the dimensions.

Refusal or rejection of shipments

Alam Alkon  Express reserves the right to refuse, seize, cancel, postpone or return any shipment at any time if such shipment is likely to cause harm or delay to shipments, goods or other persons or their transportation is prohibited by law or violates any of these terms. . The fact that Alam Alkon  Express accepts a shipment does not mean that this shipment complies with applicable laws and regulations or with current terms.

6. Restrictions 7.1 Restrictions on package size and weight vary by country or cosmopolitan services.

7. The items are not acceptable for carriage

8.1 The following clauses cannot be accepted for carriage to the place of destination unless otherwise agreed upon by the Alam Alkon : money, explosives, human corpses or body parts, cash on consignments, firearms, plants and seeds, perishable materials, pornography, waste. Dangerous, dangerous goods, dead or live animals, etc.,

8. Packing and labels

10.1 All packages shall be prepared and packed by the Sender for safe transportation by air and land subject to normal care in an express transportation environment and in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules, including those governing packaging, labeling, and labeling 10.2 Cosmos Express is not responsible for any damage It is caused by changes in temperature or pressure.

9. Cargo inspection

11.1 Alam Alkon Express may, at its absolute discretion, or at the request of the competent authorities, open and inspect any shipment without prior notice at any time, and shall not bear any liability of any kind. 11.2 According to the regulations in force, the Express Alam Alkon is required to perform an X-ray examination (random). The sender and recipient waive any potential claims for damages or delays as a result of the examination.

10. Customs clearance

12.4 In the event of any failure to provide and/or complete all necessary documents related to customs and export laws (including Air Waybill), Alam Alkon Cosmos will not bear any liability to the sender or anyone else for any loss, expense, or delay due to the sender’s failure to comply. For this provision. 12.6 Alam Alkon reserves the right to assess additional charges for customs clearance or for auxiliary services for customs clearance of shipments.

11. Fees and taxes

13.1 If and where applicable, without prejudice to Articles 4.5 and 4.6. , Alam Alkon Express may choose to file on behalf of the responsible party (“payer”) and any duties and taxes at the discretion of Customs. 13.3 Any shipments may be delayed if Alam Alkon World Express is unable to obtain satisfactory confirmation of arrangements for payment of fees and taxes to be made. 13.4 If the agency introduces fees and taxes, it reserves the right to evaluate the additional fees.

12. Direction and delivery

14.2 A cosmologist may Alam Alkon deliver it to the recipient at the address listed on Air Waybill, or to a person other than the person or entity named on Air Waybill who has clear authority to accept the shipment in the recipient’s name on his behalf. The Shipper expressly acknowledges and accepts that in some countries of destination, the delivery may be made to a third party, to a message box, or to any other location that the recipient has access to. Shipments cannot be delivered to PO Box addresses. 14.3 Alam Alkon Express shall not under any circumstances be held responsible for any claim related to the seizure or seizure of goods in transit by customs or other governmental authorities. 14.4 The customer may request to amend the address of the consignee or stop the shipment or recover it, provided that Alam Alkon Express does not provide guarantees for the completion of the request or commitment to the time of execution in the event of implementation, the customer shall bear the costs incurred, which can be obtained through the prices announced on the website.

13. 14.7 Holiday/weekend delivery, if applicable, is subject to special handling charges.

14. Declared value

17.1 Unless the sender has entered a higher declared value and limits on the air waybill and pays the required fees, the obligation is limited to $100 per shipment. 17.2 Cosmos does not provide liability for shipment or insurance against all risks, but the sender may pay additional fees for the declared value of the carriage higher than the limits indicated in Section 17.1 of the conditions of carriage. The declared value for the carriage of any package represents the agency’s maximum liability with respect to a shipment of that package, including but not limited to any loss, damage, delay, misdelivery, failure to provide information, or misdelivery of information related to the shipment. 17.3 The maximum declared value for customs and transport is limited and may vary by location. If any, the declared value of the transport cannot exceed the declared value for customs. The maximum declared value for customs and transportation for the contents of Alam Alkon Envelope or Alam Alkon Pak, regardless of destination, we are the US $ 100 per shipment. Goods with a value (actual or declared) in excess of these amounts must not be shipped in an Envelope or Pak World container. 17.4 Shipments containing items of unusual value are restricted to a maximum declared value for carriage of $ 1,000 per shipment. The import of any of these items may be prohibited by individual countries. For more information, please read our Terms of Carriage. 17.9 Regardless of the declared value of the parcel transportation, the liability of the Alam Alkon shall be for loss, damage, delay, misdelivery, non-delivery, misrepresentation, or any failure to provide information, depreciated value, or replacement cost, whichever is lower.

15. Limits of liability

18.1 Alam Alkon is not liable for any damage in excess of the declared value (as defined in Section 17). 18.2 Alam Alkon shall not be held liable in any event for special, incidental, consequential, or indirect losses or damages, including but not limited to loss of income or profits. 18.4 Alam Alkon shall not be liable for the shipper’s actions or negligence, including but not limited to incorrect goods declaration; Improperly or insufficiently packing, securing, marking, or handling the Alam Alkon shipment; Or for the actions or omissions of the recipient or any other person with an interest in the shipment. Alam Alkon will not be held liable if the shipper or recipient violates any of these terms of our Terms of Carriage air transportation bill. Alam Alkon shall not be responsible for loss, damage, delay, shortage, misdelivery, non-delivery, misrepresentation, or failure to provide information related to the shipment of prohibited items. Alam Alkon shall not be liable for loss, damage, delay, shortage, misdelivery, non-delivery, misrepresentation, or failure to provide information related to shipment resulting from or resulting from, but not limited to: the fragile nature of the shipment or any defect or deputy inherent in it, Or erase data stored on magnetic tapes, files, or other storage media, or lose or damage any package that Alam Alkon does not have a record of or receipt of; Or events Alam Alkon cannot control.

16. Without Warranties Except as expressly indicated in this letter, Alam Alkon makes no warranties, express or implied.

17. Claims

20.1 All claims due to delay (including claims for spoilage) or shortages must be reported to Alam Alkon within 21 calendar days after the shipment has been delivered, and no claims for damages may be filed with the Alam Alkon. All claims of damage (visible or hidden) must be reported to the Alam Alkon within 48 hours after the shipment is delivered, and if no action is taken on the damages against the Alam Alkon. All claims must be submitted within strict time. A customer can file a claim through any Alam Alkon customer support channel. All claims processed by Alam Alkon require 7 business days for resolution unless the investigation requires further action. Please see our Terms of Carriage for a complete copy of this section.

18. Additional fees

Alam Alkon reserves the right to evaluate fuel and other surcharges on shipments without notice.

19. Mandatory law

These Terms do not exclude any liability when it is prohibited by law to exclude that liability. The nullity or impossibility of any judgment does not affect any other part of these Terms. The Arabic language version of these terms of carriage supersedes all other copies.

20. Data protection

24.2 By providing any personal data to Alam Alkon, the shipper agrees to Alam Alkon to use this data for the purposes of Alam Alkon (or its agents or subcontractors) fulfilling their obligations under the Air Waybill and related circumstances. The shipper also agrees that Alam Alkon shares this data with its subsidiaries and subsidiaries, and confirms that Alam Alkon can do the same with the consignee’s personal data. 24.5 By submitting the shipment and signing the Air Waybill, the shipper agrees to transfer this personal data to these countries.

21. Abandoned and neglected shipments

25.1 If the shipment is undeliverable for any reason such as: (1) The customer cannot be contacted; (2) the Customer fails to give instructions within three (3) months from the date of shipment; (3) The customer gives up or neglects the shipment; (4) Customer fails to pay the fee; (v) The customer rejects the shipment; (6) The shipment is refused by government authorities, and Alam Alkon may at its sole discretion return the shipment to the sender; Or put the shipment; Or get rid of the shipment or take any other action to serve its interest. 25.2 The Sender will be available for any or all costs, fees, and charges incurred in returning, storing, or disposing of the Consignment. 25.3 The Universe will not obtain or prove proof of delivery or delivery after three (3) months from the date of shipment.